Journey Aviation again demonstrated their unwavering safety commitment by renewing their Wyvern Wingman, ARGUS Platinum and ISBAO Stage 2 safety inspections and onsite audits this year for the second time since 2016.  

"This is especially rewarding because it validates my vision of what I want Journey Aviation to stand for," said CEO Fabian Bello. "We are committed to this process because it helps us be a safer operation. It takes the cooperation of the entire team and every Journey employee shares the same focus of displaying to our customers in everything we do that their safety will not be compromised."
Wyvern, ARGUS and IBAC are the leaders and most prominent names for safety audits in the aviation industry.   These certifications demonstrate to Journey’s customers a continuous investment of time and resources into improving safety management processes. The comprehensive procedure includes on-sight visits by auditors, who thoroughly examine and inspect everything involved within the operation, including maintenance records, training records, safety management systems and emergency response plans. Auditors visit with management and operations teams, and the process usually takes one to two days where the entire company commits to providing the time, attention and resources to complete the audit.
“The audit helps us in many ways, but one of the things I value most is it gives us another outside look. That is healthy.  It's not an easy process, but this truly benefits our customers, and when someone from the outside comes in and examines everything you do, it ultimately ensures the safest operation possible," Bello added. 
Since the inception of Journey Aviation in 2014, Bello has put safety and service at the forefront.  The certifications in 2016 and 2018 are a testament to that, and once again the company showed continuous growth with the advancement to ISBAO’s Stage 2 certification in 2018.  One of CEO Bello’s initial upper management hires was Tony Ciaravino, who previously worked at Wyvern Ltd. as the Director of North America and Europe.  He was acutely aware of the culture and environment he was about to be part of at Journey Aviation from his previous dealings with them.  “With my background I had the advantage of knowing who the real leaders in safety were.  It was evident to me when I started working at Journey that they were as committed to safety as I am,”Ciaravino said. 
Any business organization can claim to value safety above all else. That is easy.  Having current certificates and documentation from Wyvern, ARGUS and IBAC provides proof to customers and the industry that this company truly means it.