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Should I purchase a jet, sign up for a fractional ownership program, jet card or charter on a flight-by-flight basis?

While working in the private jet industry for over two decades, I was often asked "should I buy a jet, purchase a fraction, join a jet membership program or charter?" The answer was never an easy or straigtforward one since each program type is tailored for a particular type of flyer such as: some programs may be great at producing low rates for long-haul flights but may also be very expensive for shorter ones; other programs might offer the best value during non-peak, but problems arise during those peak periods. The trend towards multiple programs has accelerated over the years since most flyers have a need for multiple mission types such as family vacations during peak days and shorter business flights during non-peak. The problem with multiple programs is the time involved to determine which program to fly for a particular mission.

PriJet Solution

Enter your trip itinerary here: Prijet and click "Calculate" and our proprietary technology will estimate prices from our database of charter jets, jet cards and fractional ownership programs. If you have already purchased from multiple programs, this is the fastest way to estimate your costs on all of them.

How do I know if the private jet charter quote I received is a good one?

Charter prices can fluctuate dramatically for various reasons including: availability, type of jet, region and peak vs. non-peak periods. For a full explanation of pricing check out our blog post on this subject here: With so much volatility, it can be difficult to know if you've paid too much for your private jet charter flight.

PriJet Solution

Enter your trip itinerary here: Prijet and click "Calculate" and our proprietary technology will find every available jet to fly your desired route including discounted empty legs and transient jets with contact information. If you are a PriJet Premium member, simply hit the "Save" button and we will automatically send your trip details to matching aircraft and request quotations for you. Most trips receive up to a dozen or more quotations directly from carriers.

Is my private jet company safe?

From the customers point of view, it can be very difficult to know if you are dealing with a broker or an operator since their Websites look very similar and without reading the fine print (typically at the bottom of the page) you may think you are flying directly with a carrier when in fact you are using a broker. It is also common practice for operators to broker out jets for their clients when their fleet is not available. If this isn't confusing enough, many operators use DBA's which are different than the names on their certificates making it difficult to know if your company has been in an accident.

PriJet Solution

Background checks are easy on PriJet, search for your operator or broker using the directory searches: Operator Search, . Click on the Company Profile where you can view fleet information, press releases, reviews and NTSB accident history. Or, if you can type in any US tail number here to search all NTSB accident records here: Safety Record Search.

What is the closest private jet airport to my destination?

This is one of the most common issues facing Executive Assistants who attempt to locate the best airport for the Executive. It often involves several searches on Google and a follow up phone call to the private jet company. Will the jet you are flying be able to land at the closest airport, or will you have to find another? What is the driving time from the airport to the final destination? These are all very time consuming tasks when booking a private jet.

PriJet Solution

Enter your final destination address which can be any Worldwide address or landmark here: Airport Search and PriJet will display a map with pins of airports, green for those 5,000 feet or longer and red for those under 5,000 feet. If you click on the pin, it will give you an estimation of driving time based on Google Maps algorithm.