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Important Reminder: Federal Excise Taxes will be back in effect in 2021.  Book now and save 7.5% on every flight

Important Reminder: Federal Excise Taxes will be back in effect in 2021. Book now and save 7.5% on every flight

What is the Excise Tax?

The Federal Excise Tax collects 7.5% of your ticket purchase. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the United States government enacted the CARES Act. This legislation suspends the Excise Tax until January 1, 2021. If you book through Liberty Jet now, you are exempt from paying the 7.5%!

Any trips booked and paid for before the reenactment of the Excise Tax saves you 7.5% on your total fare. If you’re planning a trip for 2021, save big by booking before the New Year!

Why Fly Liberty Jet?

Let Liberty Jet take you where you need to go this holiday season! Flying privately with Liberty Jet ensures the safest precautions are taken, in the air and on the ground. Our fleet is routinely cleaned and sanitized after every trip. By flying privately, you can avoid the packed terminals at major airports this holiday season. Fly safe, and fly in comfort with Liberty Jet!



Features Include Itinerary Builder, Private Jet Airport Locator and Research for Buyers

BOSTON--Liberty Jet, a private jet operator and management company that connects clients to privately owned jets all over the country, has launched a new website designed to make the private jet booking process more streamlined and efficient while retaining the human element of private aviation, a key part of the private flying experience. The new site includes a variety of features unique to Liberty Jet, including a private jet airport locator and a research section that allows a potential buyer to choose the right jet based on current market conditions.

New features for Liberty Jet users include:

Itinerary Builder: Helps customers identify the best airports and category of jets for any flight route, providing a more accurate understanding of flight availability and limitations than other solutions currently on the market for ease of booking.

Private Jet Airport Locator: Unique to Liberty Jet, this feature allows a customer to quickly find private jet airports near any location and provides essential details on each. Private Jet Research: Unique to Liberty Jet, these features allow a customer to research jets, compare performance, view jets for sale and pick the right jet based on current market conditions and some rough guidelines for operating costs and performance.

“With our new site and technology, we are going one step further in using technology to enhance the private aviation experience,” says Liberty Jet’s President of Jet Membership Nathan McKelvey. “Our technology supports our advisors by providing them with real-time information such as availability and pricing to help them locate the best jets at the best price, helps ensure a consistent level of service with flight tracking and concierge technology and provides the customer with simplified booking processes such as electronic signatures.”

Liberty Jet adds a Challenger 601 3R

Liberty Jet adds a Challenger 601 3R

Large Cabin, Transcontinental Jet

It was announced today that Liberty Jet Management, certificate number LDJA639L, based at the Islip MacArthur Airport (ISP), has added another Challenger 601/3R to its operating certificate. Christian Deputy, President of Liberty Jet commented, "This aircraft was recently purchased from William and Sonoma and is a great pedigree with one corporate owner". Deputy continued," This aircraft has great amenities that include an espresso maker, satellite phone, Airshow with forward and aft monitors as well as a DVD player"

Please contact Julian Schulman at or call 800-879-2345 for more information. About Liberty Jet: Liberty Jet Management is an FAA air carrier (cert#LDJA639L) and is based at Long Islands MacArthur airport. Liberty Jet is ARG/US Platinum rated and currently has aircraft based in NY, Chicago and Boca Raton.

Liberty Jet Adds Piaggio

Liberty Jet Adds Piaggio

A Mid-Sized Cabin at a Small Jet Price

ARG/US Platinum operator liberty jet management (certificate ldja639l), based at the long island macarthur airport (kisp), proudly announced that it has increased its fleet once again by adding a 2006 piaggio to its certificate.

Christian Deputy, president of liberty jet, commented, “this aircraft will help liberty jet fill a niche in the northeast turboprop market with its low operating cost and short field performance especially with our East Hampton customers.” deputy added, “the aircraft for all intense and purposes is brand new, and we expect it to be very busy.”

Julian Schulman, director of client services, will be responsible for all charter bookings for this aircraft. for more information please contact (800) 879-2345 or e-mail him at

Liberty Jet Adds Two New Jets

Liberty Jet Adds Two New Jets

RONKONKOMA, N.Y., PRNewswire-iReach

Liberty Jet Management cert. #LDJA639L based at Long Island MacArthur Airport (KISP) has added another two aircraft to its ever growing 135 fleet. The Global Express will based at the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport (KFLL) and the Citation Excel will be based at the Waukegan Airport (KUGN). Liberty Jet now manages 12 heavy, mid and light aircraft, while maintaining offices in New York, Chicago and Boca Raton.

Christian Deputy , President of Liberty Jet, commented, "Our growth in 2012 has been consistent and well measured. Our message remains simple and well received; that we are the first nationwide value based jet Management Company." Mr. Deputy further commented that "our management and conformity teams have done an exemplary job seamlessly transitioning our newest clients."

These outstanding heavy and midsize aircraft are low time planes with excellent paint and exceptional interiors that will be easily chartered." Deputy also commented that "Liberty's growth plans call for doubling our current fleet again within the next 12 months."

For charter information, contact Julian Schulman , Director of Client Services, will be responsible for all charter bookings of these aircraft. For more information please contact