Flexjet LLC a leading provider of fractional jet ownership and the only provider to offer a unique dedicated crewing model, announced today a new, nationwide hiring initiative for pilots that will increase its flight crew ranks by 25 percent this year. The company said its flight crew growth, together with a projected 14 percent increase in its fleet, is driven by increased demand, including growth in the premium Red Label by Flexjet service. International Red Label demand was up 31 percent in 2017 compared to the previous year, and domestic Red Label demand increased 30 percent in 2017 year over year. In addition, Flexjet took delivery of 18 new aircraft during 2017.

As the company's premium offering, Red Label by Flexjet has proven to be extremely popular among both Owners and pilots. Compensation for Red Label's highly trained and experienced pilots is so important to Flexjet that the company has fought in union contract negotiations for the right to increase Red Label Program salaries unilaterally. Red Label pilots earn 25 percent more than competitors' pilots and have additional benefits, including managing their own schedules, being assigned to a single aircraft and flying the industry's newest fleet.

"For more than 20 years, Flexjet has challenged the status quo of fractional private jet travel," said Michael Silvestro, Chief Executive Officer of Flexjet. "We are proud to announce additional investment in our pilots that will further enhance our industry-leading approach. One of our core fundamental principles is that employees are the foundation of a service organization. We feel strongly that our pilots are key to our business success. Proof of that commitment is offering compensation unmatched by any other fractional provider in the industry."

According to independent data, Red Label pilots are the industry's best-paid, with Red Label captains typically making in excess of $100,000 more than the highest salaries of the competition's pilots.1

First-year Flexjet pilots using the preferential bid schedule can expect to make $80,000 per year; a fifth-year Challenger 350 pilot could earn as much as $176,000 a year, and a third-year Red Label chief aircraft commander flying a Gulfstream G650 could earn $205,000 annually.

Other pilot benefits include:

More than 80 domiciles to choose from and the ability to change as the pilot wishes
Company-paid travel to and from domiciles
Every pilot is trained to PIC FAR Part 135 standards, making each pilot eligible as a captain
24/7 support from Flexjet's state-of-the-art operations control center
Medical plans to cover families for less than $200 a month
Company-paid short and long-term disability, life insurance, loss of license insurance
The industry's highest per diem, improving crews' day-to-day experience while on assignment
Beyond compensation and benefits, Red Label's dedicated crew has proven to be enormously popular among pilots and passengers alike. When pilots are assigned to a single aircraft, they gain a sense of ownership and familiarity with their assigned aircraft and teams, which also improves the travel experience for passengers.

Prospective Flexjet pilots can apply via https://www.flexjet.com/careers/pilots.