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631-843-9488, Phone: 631-244-1200, 24/7Late Hour

1100 New Highway

Farmingdale, NY


Domestic and International Handling
Refueling Jet A and 100LL
Full Line and Customer Service
Ramp Access for Passenger Vehicles
Conference Room
Wireless Internet
Flight Planning/Weather Room
Crew lounge & Quiet Room
U.S. Customs Available
Cafeteria/Vending Area
Complimentary Refreshments/Snacks
Complimentary Crew Cars
Hertz Rental Cars
Deiceing Services
Courtesy Shuttle to Local Hotels
Complimentary Interior Cleaning
Commercial Ground Handling and Refueling Available
CAA Preferred FBO
AVTRIP Rewards Program
All Major Credit Cards Accepted
All Contract Fuel Cards Accepted
DCA Gateway City Location (GA Flights are authorized to fly to DCA)
Corporate Hangar Space
Community Hangar Space
Tie Downs
Office Space
Secured Access
Special Fuel/Hangar Package Options Available
Proposed 210,000 sq. ft. for New FBO and Hangar Space! Available

Status Updates