Flying Private - Your Virtual Time Machine


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Flying Private - Your Virtual Time Machine

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Flying Private - Your Virtual Time Machine

Flying Private - Your Virtual Time Machine

Flying with commercial carriers has become increasingly complicated, to the point where an hour-long flight could take as much as 5 hours out of your day. Long security lines, intensive screenings, and crowded airports have led to a substantial increase in travel time. A weekend away is hardly a weekend at all if two full days are spent traveling. If you truly value your time and want to make the most out of your travel experiences, consider flying private.

Travel has changed

Traveling isn’t as simple as it once was. Even for premier access passengers, lounges and preferred access security lines are often just as crowded as the rest of the airport. With the travel industry on the rebound from the COVID-19 Pandemic, flying has become an unpredictable method of travel. Airlines are making headlines for canceling flights by the hundreds, and travelers are left stranded for hours on end. Even if everything goes according to plan at the airport, you’re still stuck showing up two to three hours before your flight.

Private charters aren’t bound to large airports

Most of the time taken by air travel isn’t spent in the air, it’s spent on the ground at the airport waiting. Whether the airport is crowded or not, it’s recommended you arrive at least two hours early, just in case. Private charters are permitted to leave from smaller regional airports, so arriving early to beat the crowds is rarely necessary. Additionally, when you fly private, you have some freedom to pick which airport the plane departs. So, it’s easy to pick a smaller airport with a convenient location.

Private charters fit your schedule

Not only do private charters allow you to fly out of ideally located regional airports, but they also abide by your schedule. Pick a departure time that allows you to spend your day productively, not waiting at a crowded terminal for your plane to depart. Flying private allows you to dictate when the plane leaves so you can pack as much or as little into your day as you desire.

Private jets fly higher and faster

Private jets are often permitted to operate at a higher cruising altitude and travel faster than commercial aircraft, which enables private jets to fly faster and more direct routes, saving you time. A commercial Boeing 747 is limited to a maximum cruise speed of 493 knots, while a private Gulfstream G650 can maintain a cruising speed of 516 knots.

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or you just want to make the most out of your occasional travel experiences, flying private will save you valuable time in the air and on the ground. To speak with one of our Private Jet Consultants, click here