Gulfstream G550


The Gulfstream G550, sometimes referred to as the GV-SP, is an improved version of the GV. The highly successful GV model began production in 1997 and broke several business jet records including the longest non-stop flight between South Korea and Orlando, Florida which took over 12 hours. Not that the GV needed an improved range, but the G550 added 250 nautical miles of range and 1k pounds of useful load to make sure you can take off full of passengers when flying non-stop to Tokyo.

Over 450 Gulfstream G550’s are in active service making it one of the most successful large cabin jets ever produced. Combined they have flown over 1 million hours at a 99.9% dispatch reliability rate which is one of the highest in its class. The first business jet to use an all-glass cockpit with a heads up display (HUD) and triple redundant flight management system, the G550 can see through fog and inclement weather using its infra-red camera to land as low as a 100 foot cloud ceiling. The all-glass cockpit consists of four 14 inch displays which cover the entire avionics panel.

Although the fuselage of the G550 is essentially the same as the GV, Gulfstream made several improvements in the cabin configuration to increase the usable space. The distinctive wide angle oval windows provide plenty of light in the 2,226 cubic feet of cabin volume which is plenty of room to carry 14 passengers comfortably.

The G550 competes well against the Global 6000 and the Falcon 8X besting them both in range. The Global 6000 has 200 more cubic feet of cabin volume than the G550, but also has a range nearly 1k miles shorter. The Falcon 8x has a range 300 miles shorter than the G550, but has 200 cubic feet less cabin volume .

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NTSB Record Search

We found only two reported accidents in the NTSB records going back to 2007 one of which reported substantial damage to the airframe, but no injuries were reported. The accident occurred in Appleton Wisconsin when the pilot in command attempted to land on a shorter than recommended runway with a hydraulic failure and the jet overran the runway. The second accident occurred in Teterboro, NJ when the aircraft experienced strong wind gusts during landing and the wing tip struck the runway.

To search NTSB records for the Gulfstream G550 check out our safety records search by jet type (warning: this page will take a couple minutes to load.)

Gulfstream G550’s For Sale

At the time of writing this article, there are 65 advertisements of Gulfstream G550’s for sale at: which is a site that consolidates aircraft for sale listings. Prices range from $14 to $37 million.

Gulfstream G550 Charter

The Gulfstream G550 is one of the most popular Large Cabin jets available in the Charter market with nearly 83 currently available Worldwide. Depending on your flight patterns, charter can be the least expensive option. To located one near you, click here: Gulfstream G550 Charter, or enter your trip itinerary here for a cost comparison between Charter, Fractional Ownership and Jet Cards.

Gulfstream G550 Jet Cards

There are many Jet Cards which allow you to fly in a Large Cabin jet, but none are G550.

Gulfstream G550 Fractional Ownership

There are no options for a fractional program for the Gulfstream G550, however Netjets and FlexJet offer a G450 fractional program and FlexJet offers a G650.