The Falcon 50 series began in 1979 with FAA certification of the first Tri-Jet configured business jet. The jet was an improvement on the earlier Falcon 20 series jet which was produced between 1965 and 1988 which had a similar fuselage with two engines. The unique engine mount design of the Falcon 50 placed two engines on the rear of the fuselage and a third embedded in the tail fin. With all three engines providing center-line thrust, the jet performed well even with the loss of an engine. The extra thrust also provided improved performance on shorter runways with much larger payloads than competing jets.

Originally deemed a Mid-Cabin jet, the Falcon 50 was later categorized as a Super-Mid Cabin jet once the term took hold with the introduction of the Citation X and Challenger 300. It was really a Super-Mid all along before the term existed. The Falcon 50 has about 11% more cabin volume than the Citation X and nearly identical range and was produced 17 years prior. Although the Falcon 50 is significantly slower than the Citation X, it beats it in cabin volume, range and short field performance.

The Falcon 50 was upgraded in 1997 with the introduction of the Falcon 50EX which improved the range 300 miles, speed 30 mph and useful payload (maximum weight of passengers and baggage with full fuel tanks and 2 pilots) by 800 lbs.

Production ended for the Falcon 50 line in 2007 and was replaced with larger models such as the Falcon 7X, 900EX and 2000EX.

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NTSB Record Search

We did not find any accidents past 2007 involving the Falcon 50EX and only one for the Falcon 50 which occurred in 2008 when the pilot forgot to lock the parking brake after landing and the jet rolled into a fence.

To search NTSB records for the Falcon 50EX check out our safety records search by jet type (warning: this page will take a couple minutes to load.)

Falcon 50EX’s For Sale

At the time of writing this article, there are 30 advertisements of Falcon 50EX’s for sale at: https://www.libertyjet.com/private_jets_for_sale/Dassault/Falcon%2050EX which is a site that consolidates aircraft for sale listings. Prices range from $2.7 to $5 million.

Falcon 50EX Charter

The Falcon 50 series is one of the least expensive Super-Mid class jets in the Charter market which makes it a very popular choice. There are 18 50EX’s and 60 50’s currently available for charter Worldwide. Depending on your flight patterns, charter can be the least expensive option. To located one near you, click here: Falcon 50EX Charter, or enter your trip itinerary here for a cost comparison between Charter, Fractional Ownership and Jet Cards.

Falcon 50EX Jet Cards

There are many Jet Cards which allow you to fly in a Super-Mid Cabin jet and since the Falcon 50EX is one of the least expensive options in this category, you are likely to fly in one, although it is not guaranteed in most cases. There are no known jet cards specific to the Falcon 50 series at this time.

Falcon 50EX Fractional Ownership

There are no known Falcon 50EX fractional ownership programs at this time.