The original Falcon 2000 was first delivered to customers in 1995 after the highly successful Falcon 50 series was launched. Dassault’s aim was to develop a large cabin jet with operating costs closer to the mid-cabin and supermid-cabin jets on the market at the time. The Falcon 2000 delivered a cabin which is 75% larger than the Falcon 50 super-mid jet and is about 72% of the GIV large cabin jet. Operating costs are about 30% less than both the GIV and Falcon 50 and 10% to 15% more than the Hawker 800XP mid-cabin jet. The 3,500 mile range of the Falcon 2000 is an impressive when compared to the mid or supermid categories but still significantly less than competing large cabin jets.

231 Falcon 2000’s were produced up until 2006 when it was superseded by the Falcon 2000EX which dramatically improved the range to just over 4,500 miles. Useful load, which is the weight of passengers and baggage the aircraft can carry when fuel tanks are full, increased from a little over 1k lbs. to just under 2.5k lbs. Speed was also improved from 515 mph to 541 mph. Additional upgrades were make the the 2000EX in 2004 including avionics and pressurization systems and remarketed as the Falcon 2000EX Easy. 

Several improved versions where marketed after the 2000EX when it was replaced in 2007 with the Falcon 2000DX including the 2000LX, 2000LXS and 2000S which is still in production today.

For a more complete comparison, check out PriJet’s performance of the Falcon 2000EX.

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NTSB Record Search

We did not find any accidents past 2007 involving the Falcon 2000EX and only one for the Falcon 2000 which occurred in Las Vegas, NV in 2015. The accident resulted from a failed hydraulic braking system. The pilots were completing their checklist and when the jet was un-chalked, it rolled down a hill in to a Falcon 20 and a King air where it finally came to rest. No injuries were reported and the operator of the jet was SC Aviation.

To search NTSB records for the Falcon 2000 check out our safety records search by jet type (warning: this page will take a couple minutes to load.)

Falcon 2000EX’s For Sale

At the time of writing this article, there are only 4 advertisements of Falcon 2000EX’s for sale at: https://www.libertyjet.com/private_jets_for_sale/Dassault/Falcon%202000EX and 16 for the upgraded Falcon 2000EX Easy jet: https://www.libertyjet.com/private_jets_for_sale/Dassault/Falcon%202000EXEASy. There is only one listed price for about $9.5 million.

Falcon 2000EX Charter

The Falcon 2000 series is one of the least expensive Large class jets in the Charter market which makes it a very popular choice. There are 19 2000EX’s and 84 2000’s currently available for charter Worldwide. Depending on your flight patterns, charter can be the least expensive option. To located one near you, click here: Falcon 2000EX Charter, or enter your trip itinerary here for a cost comparison between Charter, Fractional Ownership and Jet Cards.

Falcon 2000EX Jet Cards

There are many Jet Cards which allow you to fly in a Large Cabin jet and since the Falcon 2000/EX is one of the least expensive options in this category, you are likely to fly in one, although it is not guaranteed in most cases. There is only one option for a Falcon 2000EX specific jet card at this time: NetJets.

Falcon 2000EX Fractional Ownership

There is only one known option for a Falcon 2000EX fractional ownership program at this time: NetJets