The Falcon 900 Trijet series of jets began in 1986 when the first production aircraft was delivered. The combination of the 3 engines, extra wide cabin and long range gave the Falcon 900 unique performance capabilities and make it a perfect aircraft for higher altitude or shorter runway departures which require a large number of passengers and/or a non-stop flight. The 900LX is an improved version of the original 900 with an extended range of over 5,300 miles which is over a 1,300 mile increase over the 900.  Production of the 900LX began in 2010 and continues today.

The three Honeywell TFE731-60 engines which power the 900LX produce 5,000 pounds of thrust each which is how such a large cabin jet can perform so well on short fields. It can land with just 2,928 feet of runway and its Balanced Field Length is just 5,085 feet which is the amount of runway required to bring the aircraft up to take off speed and slow it to a full stop at an average air density and payload. The Useful Payload, which is the amount of weight it can hold with full fuel and two pilots is an impressive 1,755 lbs.

The fuselage is a little less than 1 foot longer than the Falcon 2000LXS yet the interior cabin length is a full 7 feet longer which provides ample space for up to 14 passengers with most configured for a very comfortable 12.

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NTSB Record Search

We did not find any incidents/accidents from the NTSB database search.

To search NTSB records for the Falcon 900EX series check out our safety records search by jet type (warning: this page will take a couple minutes to load.)

Falcon 900LX’s For Sale

At the time of writing this article, there are 3 advertisements of Falcon 900XL’s for sale at: https://www.libertyjet.com/private_jets_for_sale/Dassault/Falcon%20900LX which is a site that consolidates aircraft for sale listings.

Falcon 900LX Charter

The Falcon 900XL is fairly rare to find in the charter market with only 6 currently available Worldwide. You can find the list here: https://prijet.com/jet_management/Dassault%20Falcon%20900LX.

Falcon 900LX Jet Cards

Due to the limited supply of Falcon 900LX’s in the charter market, there are no Jet Cards which offer this type specifically.

Falcon 900LX Fractional Ownership

There is currently only no fractional ownership options for the Falcon 900LX.