The Global Express had its first flight in 1996 and was developed to compete with the ultra-long range Gulfstream GV and Falcon 900EX. In 2005 the Global XRS was launched with improved range and cabin amenities. The Global XRS well known for the size of its cabin which was taken from Bombardiers Regional Jet line and is about 10% larger than the GV and 57% larger than the 900EX. The cabin is massive with ample room for 18 passengers with an inch extra headroom and 10 inches wider than the GV providing its passengers plenty of separation between seats. The XRS also has sound dampening insulation technology making it one of the quietest business jets on the market.

It can fly just under 7k miles non-stop which is only about 500 miles less than the GV but 1,600 miles longer than the 900EX. The ultra-long range can keep the jet aloft for up to 12 hours which requires multiple crew with a built-in crew rest station. That range will take you from Tokyo to New York or London to Mumbai non-stop. The XRS can take off full of fuel, crew and an additional 2,350 pounds of passengers and baggage on runways as short as 6,000 feet depending on wind, temperature and other weather conditions. New, the Global Express XRS sold for over $50 million and operating costs can range between $5k and $10k per flight hour depending on how many hours you fly each year.

The Global Express XRS name was ultimately changed to the Global 6000 to coincide with the models rough nautical mile range. Additional lines were also added and include the Global 5000, 7000 and 8000.

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NTSB Record Search

We found only one accident in the NTSB database going back to 2007 which occurred March of 2016. The accident was the result of a jet blast from a Global XRS during taxi at George Town UK. A Saab 340B was knocked on its side.

To search NTSB records for the Global Express XRS check out our safety records search by jet type  (warning: this page will take a couple minutes to load.)

Global XRS’s For Sale

At the time of writing this article, there are 28 advertisements of Global Express XRS’s for sale at: https://www.libertyjet.com/private_jets_for_sale/Bombardier/Global%20XRS which is a site that consolidates aircraft for sale listings. Prices range from $11.9 to $21.9 million.

Global XRS Charter

There are only 16 Global XRS’s currently available for charter Worldwide. Depending on your flight patterns, charter can be the least expensive option. To located one near you, click here: Global XRS Charter, or enter your trip itinerary here for a cost comparison between Charter, Fractional Ownership and Jet Cards.

Global XRS Jet Cards

NetJets offers a Global 6000 jet card which is the newly branded name for the Global Express XRS

Global XRS Fractional Ownership

NetJets and FlexJet both offer fractional ownership options for the Global Express: NetJets offers both the Global 5000 and 6000 and FlexJet offers a program for a Global Express.