The Learjet 60 was developed from the Lear 55 series which began in 1978. A stretched version of the smaller Lear 25 series using the same wing design which provided exceptionally fast speeds, the 55 was. The Lear 55 design includes engines mounted on the rear fuselage which offer a centerline thrust for better handling and winglets, often called “Longhorn”due to their resemblance of the animals’ horns.

Keeping with Lears’ reputation for speed, the Lear60 is exceptionally fast and can climb, fully loaded to 41k feet in just 18.5minutes. Improvements in the Lear 55 Longhorn winglets reduced drag andimproved range from 2.346 to 2,658 miles. The cabin of the Lear 60 was alsostretched from the 55 model which improved cabin volume from 407 to 453 cubicfeet.

Compared to other Mid Cabin jets, the Lear 60 haslower than average hourly operating costs and faster than average speedsproducing the lowest cost per mile to operate in its class. This lower cost permile make it very popular among charter operators and jet card programs with126 of the 314 total built are currently active in the charter market. Comparedto the other popular Mid Cabin jets such as; The Hawker 800XP - the Lear 60 hasa much smaller cabin and shorter range, but more baggage capacity and a higherspeed; The Citation XL – The Lear 60 has a larger cabin, faster speed andlonger range, but the XL has more baggage capacity.

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NTSB Record Search

We found 4 accidents in the NTSB records for the Lear 60 since 2007 all of which are related to pilot error on taxi or landing and none had any injuries or fatalities. Three of the four accidents wereoperated by charter companies and two of the three operators are no longer in existence. One operated by JetShare, landed in fog at Westhampton Airport where the jet hit hard and immediately veered left off the runway and continued 4.3k feet where it finally came to rest in the dirt. The fog was reported so thick that the fire trucks had a difficult time located the jet; The second was operated by Performance Aircraft Leasing, Inc under owner flight regulations(Part 91) in Aspen Colorado where the jet stalled just in front of the runway on landing which damaged both the jet and the runway threshold.; The third was operated by Delta Private Jets during a positioning flight from Teterboro Airport to Pennsylvania where the nose wheel steering failed during takeoff.The takeoff was aborted and no injuries or substantial damage was reported.

To search NTSB records for the Lear 60 check out our safety records search by jet type (warning: this page will take a couple minutes to load.)

Lear 60’s For Sale

Due to the popularity of this jet type in the charter market, most Lear 60’s have a high number of flight hours making it difficult to find low-time jets. At the time of writing this article, there are 27 advertisements of Lear 60’s for sale at: https://www.libertyjet.com/private_jets_for_sale/Bombardier/Lear%2060 which is a site that consolidates aircraft for sale listings. Prices range from $995k to $2.9 million.

Lear 60 Charter

The Lear 60 is one of the most popular Mid Cabin jets available in the Charter market with nearly 125 currently available Worldwide. Depending on your flight patterns, charter can be the least expensive option. To located one near you, click here: Lear 60 Charter, or enter your trip itinerary here for a cost comparison between Charter,Fractional Ownership and Jet Cards..

Lear 60 Jet Cards

There are many Jet Cards which allow you to fly in a Mid Cabin jet and since the Lear 60 supply is so strong in the charter market, you are likely to fly in one, although it is not guaranteed in most cases. There are no known Lear 60 exclusive Jet Cards.  

Lear 60 Fractional Ownership

There are no known Lear 60 fractional ownership programs.